Scotland is thinking about bringing the army to help refugees from Ukraine

The ministers of the Scottish National Party thought about attracting the British army to help Ukraine. This is reported by The Telegraph newspaper.

Thus, Scottish politicians are considering the possibility of an official appeal to the British army, as well as hiring a second cruise ship to accommodate Ukrainian refugees. They are also negotiating with the Ministry of Defense because of the fear that thousands of people “will arrive in Scotland with nowhere to go.”

According to the publication, the Scottish government is exploring all options for a way out of the current situation with a shortage of seats.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian refugees were asked to leave the dormitories of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, by the end of August. The representative of the educational institution, Adrian Ochalik, said that the buildings were sold a year ago and should be transferred to a new owner, in connection with which the administration has to evict people from there.